Quinn surfs, skates, and smiles.He is a geographical Juggernaut who surfs more, skates more, and enjoys life more than just about everyone you or I know. We really miss Quinn at the shop, but we're stoked that he's living life to the hilt everyday - every second. You might find Quinn out on the largest day of the decade at Pavones, taking a wave all the way to the boat landing. You could see him at the wasteland, probably with a PBR in one hand and a camera in the other or you might run into him in some hidden offshore slab in Tasmania. It doesn't matter where you meet Quinn, but you'll be glad you did. A world class gentleman, athlete and all-around groovy guy. Quinn worked at Parrot since he was a grom and even though Quinn doesn't work here, he will always be a part of the Parrot family.

We don't know where Quinn is right now, but we presume him missing ... and loving every minute of it.


Kai Dilling

Parrot Surf and Skate Team Manager With over 25 years of surfing experience, instructor Kai Dilling is dedicated to helping students of all ages and abilities safely learn to surf and to appreciate a sport that can become a healthy, relaxing love of a lifetime. Kai is a native Charlestonian, former middle school teacher, and has surfed internationally and competed in amateur local and national surfing events. His surf camp, Sol Surfers Surf Camp, has been serving the Charleston area since 2000. Competitive highlights include multiple State and Regional titles in Longboarding, Shortboarding, and SUP, 2008 3rd in both Senior Longboard and Senior Shortboard at Surfing America's US Championships, and 2009 ESA East Coast champion in Masters Longboard.


Parrot Surf and Skate Team Parrot Surf Team At 14, Hartley Depass is one of the younger guys on the Parrot Surf and Skate Surf Team. A student at Wando High School, where his local break is 25th on the Isle of Palms. Hartley is also one of the first guys in the shop to pick up a Quiksilver sponsorship from our local reps - big props Hartley! You'll see Hartley hanging around the ESA, and NSSA contests. Maybe you saw him destroy the competition at ESA Regionals in Nags Head, NC last year. But where ever you see him, you'll see him helping out, having fun and carrying the stoke!





Parrot Surf Team 21 year old Morgan grew up surfing and skateboarding on the Isle of Palms back in the early 90's. During high school and much of College, he traveled whenever possible in search of good surf. After studying abroad and surfing in Australia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and long stints in wave rich destinations, Morgan has a lifetime stoke for surfing and stand up paddling. You'll find him surfing anything from longboards, shortboards, to stand up paddleboards. Morgan is also the General Manager of Mex 1 Coastal Cantina, a Baja style taco joint that has surf videos playing all the time and some 'bangin' shrimp tacos'. When he's not out in the water, you'll find Morgan chillin on the beach with his fiance, his dog Coa, and a cold beer - Pura Vida!


Parrot Surf and Skate Team Luke Tezza has been surfing since he was 8 years old and started competitive surfing when he was only 11. Most recently, Luke was invitied to the ESA Regionals for both longboard and shortboard. When he's not on the water, you'll find Luke.


Hi, my name is Olivia Dilling, I am 14 years old and I have been surfing since before I can even remember. My most recent contest results were 1st place in 12 - 14 girls Joe Hiller longboard contest, 1st place in 12 - 14 girls short board at the annual McKevlin's Grom Fest last year, and 1st place in the 12 - 14 girls shortboard and 2nd place in the longboard at the latest ESA Surf Comp. I am on the South Carolina United 99 Elite Girls soccer team. My other hobbies include skateboarding, art, and photography. I am so excited to be a Parrot team rider and it's an honor to represent such a great surf shop! JULIA VAN RAALTLE Parrot Surf Team Growing up on the beach and watching my dad surf, I always knew I would be a surfer. I first went to Sol Surfers Surf Camp when I was nine. I called my parents the first day and told them it was the best day of my life and I never wanted to stop! Since then I have spent every possible moment surfing and thinking about surfing. My favorite trip was Nicaragua with Holly Beck's surf camp, but generally you’ll find me freesurfing at the Isle of Palms and Folly and doing comps with the Team. When I'm not in the water I'm checking out every new board that comes into Parrot or playing rock, blues and punk on any guitar I can get my hands on.